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Digital Thought Leadership

A thought-provoking event on modern digital marketing techniques was conducted by Aarrrmor, at Wolfpack coworking space Bangalore and Kochi rooftop lounge.
Aarrrmor is a Digital Marketing Agency which helps startups achieve business results by improving the Customer’s Buying Journey. Sharing their thoughts in Wolfpack coworking space Bangalore

Infiniti Investments Banner coworking space

“In Focus”

At wolfpack we always try to go the extra mile and provide a platform to our pack members to come forward and showcase their products/services. One of the major initiatives in this regard is the “In Focus” event hosted by us at our Workspace Lounge.

byob at coworking space


A not so regular networking event was conducted for our community members at the rooftop lounge.
Starting off with individual introductions, we casually moved to interactive games like Pictionary and Dumb Charades.

coworking space Organic event


As a midweek event, we hosted a buffet counter by Millet Amma, an organic food products based company at the Wolfpack Rooftop Lounge.
We also helped them showcase their products at the workspace lounge.

Womens day celebrating in coworking space


Women’s Day at Wolfpack was celebrated in the simplest way possible by giving all the women pack members a beautiful rose. They were happy and at the same time pleasantly surprised at the gesture.

Pooja coworking space


Ganesh Chaturthi has been uniting people since ages despite their differences and enmity. Teaching us the joy of sharing, act of kindness and importance of family.