Top 3 types of hybrid models in co-working spaces

Change has been the only thing constant in the COVID-19 pandemic. This holds for the way businesses and companies are being run today. There is a global decrease in demand for office space with large conglomerates committing to permanent remote working.

Top 3 Benefits of the Hybrid Model of Working for Companies

The second wave of Covid-19 has hit India Inc. hard. Just when optimism was finding grounds in 2021 the announcement of the second lockdown in major metros and big towns came as a rude shock disturbing work schedules

Why India Inc is turning to co-working spaces more than ever

Traditional businesses have undergone a sea change in the last year. The pandemic has changed the rule book of how work is done across all sectors. With decentralization becoming the new ‘mantra’ India Inc is slowly and steadily jumping on the bandwagon.

Pandemic or no, Co-working spaces are the new way to work

The concept of co-working emerged in India about a decade back and has slowly taken the country by storm. In 2015 globally there were 7,800 shared spaces where half a million people were working and this number has burgeoned to 35000 co-working spaces in just 6 six years to evolve as a $26 billion business opportunity.

Top 5 Co-working Trends in 2021

One of the most exciting domains of the commercial real estate sector is the emergence of coworking spaces. A mushrooming trend in India, it has changed the face of how entrepreneurs, start-ups and now big corporations work. With 2020 being hard on all sectors including coworking 2021 looks promising already.

Top 4 Reasons Why Indian Employees Can’t Wait To Head To Office

With uncertainty still looming over the status of the pandemic, it’s been over a year since life was thrown off-guard. The disruption has been immense and its impact insightful and enduring—affecting both professional and personal lives.

Covid-19: Precautionary measures in Coworking space

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Carrom Tournament 2019 (23rd August 2019)

“Save the Queen” Carrom Tournament 2019 was filled with a lot of fun, music, and cheers for all the participating pack members. The Wolfpack Lounge was turned into a stadium for the “Save the Queen” Carrom Tournament 2019.

Digital Thought Leadership

A thought-provoking event on modern digital marketing techniques was conducted by Aarrrmor, at Wolfpack coworking space Bangalore and Kochi rooftop lounge.
Aarrrmor is a Digital Marketing Agency which helps startups achieve business results by improving the Customer’s Buying Journey. Sharing their thoughts in Wolfpack coworking space Bangalore

“In Focus”

At wolfpack we always try to go the extra mile and provide a platform to our pack members to come forward and showcase their products/services. One of the major initiatives in this regard is the “In Focus” event hosted by us at our Workspace Lounge.