Covid-19: Precautionary measures in Coworking space

Covid-19: Precautionary measures in Coworking space

The emergence of a virus strain that started somewhere in Wuhan has affected the world in unimaginable ways. An event like this is called a ‘Black Swan event’, a term coined by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, an acclaimed author and scholar. A Black Swan event is an unexpected event that has severe consequences whose chances of occurring is almost zero.

Who would have even remotely imagined that standing close to other people could lead to death? Terms like quarantine, pandemic, lockdown, etc., became a part of our everyday parlance.

It is in your interest that you follow all the instructions passed by your government while hoping that everyone else abides by the dictum. With lockdown restrictions slowly being eased, you need to be more cautious than ever as people are bound to let their guard down.

Businesses that are slowly opening its offices should do so by following all the proper protocols. One of the most affected industries is co-working. With the lockdown in effect, there was no way they could function.

As these spaces are inundated with people who frequent it for various reasons, from the support staff, vendors, security staff, members, and more, the dangers are more pronounced.

Covid-19: Precautionary measures in Coworking space; Wolfpack’s Covid-19 safety checklist prepared in accordance with the Central government’s advice will help organizations follow the latest recommendations and health guidelines for reopening the offices. Try our co-working space now.


Preventive Measures: Covid-19

Some of the best ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace is to keep the germs out. Find Why we recommend us…


Educate the Housekeeping and other staff on the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. 


COVID-19 prevention precautions
Preventive measures: COVID-19

Educating our staff and pack members at our co-working space about the symptoms and side effects is the first step by which we are guaranteeing their well-being, despite the presence of Covid-19 looming large. We have communicated through flyers, emails, memos, bulletins, announcements, etc., on what companies could do to protect their workforce.

By sharing well-researched information about the COVID-19 pandemic, we can ensure that everybody is well-informed and is on the same page.


Maintain Social Distancing


Social distancing in meeting
Preventive measures: COVID-19

Maintain social distancing in the working space. That meeting you wanted? Convey it over email. The farther you stay away from your colleagues, the better it is for everyone. With tools like Slack, Jira, Zoom, and more, communicating with your peers virtually isn’t an issue anymore.


Try to avoid handshaking during the pandemic.


Avoid handshake while meeting
Preventive measures: COVID-19

Do not shake hands- even if the Queen of England were to extend her hands. We couldn’t stress this enough. Our lives are not normal yet, not until each of us is vaccinated.


Use Thermal scanners to screen Pack members & visitors for fever.


Thermal Scanners at entry
Preventive measures: COVID-19

Scanning the temperature of pack members and visitors before entering the workspace with thermal cameras. Anyone who has a fever should be directed to go to a hospital to get themselves tested.


Supporting worker by providing tissues, hand sanitizer, and soap:

We offer the right ammo for our pack members for them to stay away from the virus-like tissues, hand sanitizers, gloves, soap, etc. Encourage them to be proactive when it comes to these tasks.


Hand sanitizer use
Preventive measures: COVID-19


Sanitize the workplace regularly.

We sanitize each contact area every few hours and encourage our pack members and staff to sanitize their hands often. This is the needed Covid-19: Precautionary measures in Coworking space


Sanitized workplace
Preventive measures: COVID-19

You need to remember that the lifting of lockdown doesn’t mean that the virus is dormant. Covid-19 is still amongst us and is crippling our healthcare system, the economy, and everything else that you can possibly imagine.

We promise to do everything in our power to fight the virus with the utmost dedication and sincerity.


We will come out of this! 


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